Our Varietals

Wine In A Glass feature quality wine varietals to suit any taste, food and occasion.


    Wonderful fresh aromas of cut grass and celery with citrus and white peach flavours and cream vanilla through the finish.

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    Wonderfully spritzy on the palate with aromas of musk and freshly crushed grapes. An aromatic sweet white with flavours of tropical fruit. It should be enjoyed well chilled.

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    Offers a wonderful apple and citrus fruit up front, followed by nicely balanced hints of toast and butter flavours through to the finish.

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  • SHIRAZ 13.5% ALC

    A big red with a gamey, earthen nose and strong tannins. Enticing hints of licorice and coffee with a smoky berry finish.

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  • MERLOT 13.5% ALC

    A smooth sensation on the front palate and generous plummy flavour with just a touch of oak and light tannins softens and rounds the palate.

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    Flavours of cherry and blackcurrant with savoury notes of black pepper and a hint of vanilla and violets through the finish.

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  • Pink Moscato 7% ALC

    Australian Pink Moscato has a pale pink hue and ripe strawberry and raspberry aromas. It offers sweet berry flavors, subtle florals, and refreshing bubbles. Perfect for casual occasions and dessert pairings.

  • Pinot Grigio

    This Australian Pinot Grigio is pale straw with green hints, offering aromas of green apple, pear, and citrus zest. Crisp and lively, it features lemon, lime, and pear flavors with a touch of wet stone. The finish is zesty with citrus and almond notes. Perfect with seafood, pasta, chicken, and mild goat cheese. Ideal for warm weather and casual gatherings.

  • Rosé - 24-Pack Single Varietal Wine In A Glass For a Charming and Vibrant Summer - Wine In A Glass


    This Australian Rosé has a pale salmon hue with aromas of strawberries and watermelon. The palate features red berry flavors, citrus zest, and subtle minerality, finishing with a refreshing touch of rose petals. Perfect for warm, sunny days.