Wine In A Glass is fast becoming Australia’s favourite single-serve, pre-filled wine glass.

Made from high quality, food grade PET, the glass gives the look, feel, and weight of a ‘proper’ wine glass while being fully recyclable.

Uniquely sealed to maintain wine quality and give a shelf life of 10 - 12 months for white wines and two years for red wines, it revolutionises by-the-glass sales of wine at venues and events by offering an incredibly fast serve-time for busy bars.


Introducing the all new SIMS-19 glass

The SIMS-19 glass is same high quality, food grade PET glass that you know and love, but with a wonderful new shape and our very own 'tip and click' stem meaning you can enjoy it just like a normal wine glass!


Designed specifically for Wine In A Glass, the SIMS-19 even derives its name from our founder, Michelle Sims.

The SIMS-19 is now available for bottling, and has every benefit of the original Wine In A Glass with a fresh new look and feel.

The SIMS-19 glass on the production line, waiting to be filled with premium South-East Australian wine.

It's key feature is an optional click-in stem, allowing you the choice between a stemless or traditional wine glass.

The convenience of Wine In A Glass makes it the natural choice for sporting events, festivals, picnics or barbecues. Consumers can enjoy a glass of wine without having to worry about carrying glasses or drinking out of flimsy plastic tumblers.

Wine In A Glass is exclusively distributed by Wine In A Glass Pty Ltd and is being supported through online marketing and social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




  • Portion controlled
  • No extra glass required
  • No over-pours
  • No product waste
  • Fresh every time
  • Completely shatter proof and near unbreakable
  • 100% recyclable
  • Significantly reduces serve time
  • The perfect solution for anywhere that glass is prohibited
  • Now available in the all new SIMS-19 glass, with an optional click-in stem.

The Wine In A Glass Story

Michelle Sims is the co-founder and Managing Director of Wine In A Glass Pty Inc.


Michelle is not only the Managing Director of a rapidly growing company, but also the mother of four children who knows all to well the struggles of balancing working life with family life.


Michelle came upon the concept of pre-filled wine in a glass, while she was reading the newspaper on a train in London’s Underground on her trip to Europe with her four children in October, 2012.


Within a year, she was developing her business and importing the stock of Copa Di Vino from America into Australia to test the Australian market.


The Australian market’s response was impressive and Michelle felt there was no way she could let such a great opportunity slip away.


Within a year she had brought in her own filling line and printing machine from New Zealand and situated her production line at Jaengenya Winery in Echuca on the border between New South Wales and Victoria.


Michelle estimated that in one year she would have five employees and begin seeing her (now Australian) product, in a few places along the coast.


The filling line had been in Australia for only three weeks, and suddenly Michelle found herself with almost 15 casual employees and filling thousands of litres of wine.


Half a year has passed since this time and Michelle’s business, Wine In A Glass, continues to grow and is being sought after by more major and minor businesses, events, catering companies, hospitals, sporting venues, cinemas and hotel chains across Australia.


You can connect with Michelle on LinkedIn

The Beginning - Michelle with her four children in Europe.


Wine In A Glass Pty Ltd

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ECHUCA Vic 3564

0408 966 273

International: +61 408 966 273

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