Our 12 and 24 Pack Wine in a Glass Product

My Story by Michelle Anderson-Sims - Managing Director

🎉 WIAG is excited to celebrate its 10th birthday in 2023. 🥂 As a single mum, the founder discovered the concept of prefilled, single serve wine while traveling in Europe with her children. She knew it would be a hit in the Australian market where outdoor dining and events were popular. WIAG became the Australian distributor for Copa Di Vino and imported the products. The first container was a success, but the second was a failure due to the style of glass not being traditional for Australian consumers. WIAG designed a new glass model with a detachable stem made of 100% fully recyclable and reusable virgin PET. Quality Australian wine was filled in the cups, and the business began exporting to Japan, China, South Korea, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

🏆 In 2020, WIAG relocated to Epping, Melbourne, which opened up new opportunities for the business. Awards were won, new clients were found, and a dedicated team was formed. In 2022, WIAG attended its first Australian trade shows in Melbourne and Sydney with pleasing results. The brand awareness had begun in Australia, and the demand for their products grew. They ranged with Gate Gourmet on the Sydney trains, with PFD in Victoria, and many independent sellers along the east coast. They even began exporting to Ecuador and Vietnam and became the number one selling single serve wine in South Korea.

🍷 During 2023, WIAG plans to bring the ‘grab and go’ four pack to the Australian market and continue to grow its customer base. WIAG is committed to providing high-quality wine in an eco-friendly and convenient format. Visit www.wineinaglass.com.au to learn more about their products and order yours today! 🌍🍇
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