Wine in a glass

But not as you know it.

Its convenience and ability to offer incredibly fast serve-times for busy bars makes Wine In A Glass the natural choice for sporting events, festivals, picnics or barbecues. Consumers can enjoy a glass of wine without having to worry about carrying glasses or drinking out of flimsy plastic tumblers.

Made from high quality, food grade PET, the 187mL glass gives the look, feel, and weight of a ‘proper’ wine glass.

Not only is Wine In A Glass fully recyclable, it’s also Australian-owned, bottled, packed and printed using premium Australian wine and proudly supporting Australian wineries.

Wine In A Glass is uniquely sealed to maintain wine quality and give a shelf life of 15-18 months for white wines and 2+ years for red wines.

Flip. Click. Sip

Quality Wine. Clever Design.

Some things do change.

Wine In A Glass. In a class of its own. 

Now you can enjoy a glass of wine without having to worry about carrying glasses or drinking out of flimsy plastic tumblers. 

Our glasses are strong and look and feel like real glass as well as being safe.


Wine In A Glass is the event glass that is perfect for every occasion. Venue, Stadium, Establishment, Outdoors and Home. 

Safe, Portion Controlled, Fast To Serve and more.

Sporting events

WIAG will increase profits and reduce shrinkage and waist.

Outdoor events

Easy and convenient to pack for your outdoor celebrations.

Corporate events

Add a touch of sophistication to your event.

Our Story

Michelle Anderson-Sims, the Managing Director of Wine In A Glass, came upon the concept of a pre-filled wine glass on the London Underground during a trip to Europe back in 2012 and quickly recognised the benefits that a fully recyclable glass pre-filled with premium Australian wine could offer consumers and distributors alike.

Today, Wine In A Glass is now home to a dedicated team that places emphasis on delivering a top quality product with excellent customer service and is now also exporting internationally:
New Zealand, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark and Colombia; as well as businesses, events, catering companies, hospitals, sports venues, cinemas and hotel chains all across Australia.

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Wine In A Glass Pty Ltd

62 Ricky Way, Epping, Vic. 3076  Australia

Phone 1300 959 466 (International) +61 3 9118 2797




62 Ricky Way, Epping, Vic. 3076 Australia
Phone 1300 959 466
International +61 3 9118 2797

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